Silk Care Instructions

    1. Use mild detergent, we recommend a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner if you're just washing the pillowcases. Otherwise mild detergent will do the job. ( silk protein fibers are akin to your own natural hair)
    2. Handwash in cold water inside out.
    3. Hang dry.
    4. Iron inside out on a low temperature setting. (most irons has a silk setting)
    5. Use a steam iron to get rid of wrinkles and stubborn lines easily.
    6. Do not soak in water for more than an hour.
    7. Do not bleach
    8. Do not wring dry. Please!
    9. Do not tumble dry.
    10. Do not dry in direct sunlight. (If you do, do so inside out)


    These care instructions prolongs the longevity of your silk. It is a delicate material and should be handled with care.

    In the case you have to machine wash, do so on a gentle spin, and flip the sheets inside out.